Taiwan Food Processing Machinery Manufacturer



Initiated in 1965, Chung Shen Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has been renowned as a reliable manufacturer of food processing machinery. We provide mixers and cooking culinary devices for industrial usage, to filling mills, jam factories, personal bakeries and food processing companies. Our customers mainly range from countries of Southeast Asia, and Japan, Hong Kong, Mainland of China, to Far West, such as Canada, U.S.A. and Australia. The broad scope of market brings us reputation and motivation to keep progressing year by year.

Efficiency and quality of the standard product

We are convinced that striking to the utmost is the best way for business. As a result, hardly we feel satisfied by the status quo we’ve reached. To cut down the time cost, we provide and deliver standard products with efficiency and quality.

Furthermore, tailor-made service has been worked out by us, to meet diverse requirements raised by customers. In short, we are also researching and developing news models and user-friendly apparatuses for potential market. We treasure our know-how since it’s originated from our experience and continuous exploration.

Future outlook

In the future, CHUNG SHEN FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD. will harbor the principle of our business -- passion、professional and originality -- and provide the profitable product and service to our clients, as well as we take more care for internal personnel. Any of your interest and opinion is significantly welcome.