Fixed Standard Type

First, a brief description of fixed standard heated cooking mixer

The cooking mixer which bowl could not be tilted commonly referred to as a fixed standard heated cooking mixer.
This type of machine can be applied in a wide range of applications, including bean paste, jam, prepared food, Asia cuisine, sauce, bakery, product development, baking studio, etc.

Second, the type of fixed standard heated cooking mixer

  • Gas heated cooking mixer: 20L, 50L
  • Steam heated cooking mixer: 20L
  • Electricity (oil insulated) heated cooking mixer: 20L

Third, the characteristics offixed standard heated cooking mixer

  1. The basic model is stationary, so it’s optimal to operate in the limited working space.
  2. The mixing arm is removable and easy to assemble and unload.
  3. The stirring speed is variable and it could be adjusted by user.
  4. The unique 20L is designed for product development and baking studio.