Steam, Electricity, and Gas Cooking Mixer

Based on various characteristics of ingredients, Chung Shen develops different heating methods to bring out the aroma, retain the texture, and satisfy the demands of professionals. Also, we provide machines with different automation design to increase production efficiency and lower space constraints.

I. Heating Method

Gas (LPG/NG)

Using gas as the fuel, burners heat ingredients in the bowl directly. The maximum temperature depends on the products inside the bowl. This heating method is best for products requiring cooking process in higher temperature to bring out more aroma.

Gas (LPG/NG) Cooking Mixer


Coming from a steam boiler, steam goes into the jacketed space through the pipe and indirectly heats ingredients. This heating method is very energy efficient, so it’s ideal for mass production. *This temperature control is optional.

Steam Cooking Mixer

Electricity + Thermal Oil

Powered by electricity, heaters heat the thermal oil inside the jacketed space. Then, the thermal oil indirectly heats the ingredients. Featuring temperature control, it’s able to cook products at constant temperature. This heating method is safer and ideal for locations where gas and steam are not available.

Gas (LPG/NG) and Thermal Oil Cooking Mixer

Gas (LPG/NG) + Thermal Oil

Using gas as the fuel, burners heat the thermal oil in the jacketed space. Then, the thermal oil indirectly heats the ingredients with an even heat distribution. This heating method is suitable for products cooking in low-medium temperature. *The alarm is standard for this heating method.

Electricity and Thermal Oil Cooking Mixer

II. Automatic Differentiation – Food Unloading

bowl food machine
Automatic Differentiation – Food Unloading